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PRESS START (by NicksplosionFX)

This is awesome. i just put it on, and walked around the house, trying to guess the different games. Someday i will make it through the whole 3 hours.


I’m never happy with how my Tumblr looks. but i’m lazy…and i’m getting to the point that i appreciate the more broken it looks.

Labeled as: “You Know I” —-06/10/2009

“You know I’m not the only one who doesn’t approve of your job,

“It really makes me sad that I won’t get to see you in Heaven,”

What was I thinking when I wrote that??

Good job auto-save, maybe I didn’t want it saved for anything…

The orange-ness of his descent was the first thing she noticed. She being, standing on the side of the road, was Ms. ________ _________. Her face pointed towards the ground, her foot struggling to re-enter her sandal, the orange glow lit the tip or her

Shit I think I might be too stoned to write, I mean what the fuck was that?!?

Now I’m trying to cop out of writing anything… I NEED TO GET BACK IN THE SWING!!!

First Step.

Stop with the live-journal shit, work it out.

I was driving home from work when I first heard of the possibility of something being wrong. Something about special meetings gathering across the world to try and stop something, fix something? I don’t really remember, having what I considered to me a stressful day, my joint was almost kicked when I heard what I heard. After boring of the depressing talk radio I decided instead to put in one of my favorite albums, and savor the high. After driving one-handed, looking down at my lap for a minute, I settled on ____________. Pulling it out of the sleeve, I swerved fairly hard to the left side of the road. I looked up in a brace, adrenaline pumping, palms sweating, jerking the car back to right, trying to not cause an accident. Out the window though, I saw nothing. Same as out my side windows, mirrors, rear window. The entire expressway was dead. What should have been have been packs of speeding vehicles and semi’s, was now just a barren concrete aqueduct, devoid of any flowing water. That was the first I felt as if I missed something, had the road been empty this entire time?

What about after work? Did I see anyone?

Fuck. I can’t remember.

It was when I was driving up the off-ramp, when the sirens started. The normally red stop-light was flashing yellow as a speeding cop car ran through, sirens off. I turned my radio down, checked both ways at the intersection and went towards home, the next stop-light was also blinking yellow. All the lights of the shops were off.

My cell phone won’t dial through, I’m getting no service.

Knew it couldn’t be tornado, something really had to be up.

Trying to tune into the radio, all I could receive was static, static, static. Every station programmed in my car was static. It was scanning for a signal, I found two stations. One was a peaceful song, the type you’d hear in church if you’re church had an orchestra. Subtle voices in the background repeated the lords prayer, in-between lines from some other book of the bible. Not my style, I tried scanning again. Stopped to a foreign voice, quietly being translated into other languages behind him, something about an apology, and asking all to be with their loved ones, now was a time of great loss.

I started to panic. One hand attempting to continue dialing my girlfriend, I drew ever so slowly to her, despite how fast I was going. I was getting so close, ten more minutes, ten more minutes.

Driving under the same expressway I was just on, a light, no brighter, a burn; the most excruciatingly painful burst of something forced me into the fetal position. The most unbearable pain I could feel, all I could here was the sound of my car still moving.

Hitting a bridge trestle, scraping and lifting the side of my car, I felt a large force on my back. More scraping, I stopped moving.

The light, energy, … burst?, ended shortly after.

I slowly opened my eyes in shock at the underside of the bridge, apparently where I skidded too. I looked around me and was in surprise to see me on my side, looking through the sunroof, I saw the road I was just on behind me.

I yelled for help.

Twice; If you count honking my horn as help, then in the hundreds.     

Labeled as: The Sun Rose - 01/08/2009

 The sun rose, slowly creeping its light over the hills, engulfing the trees. The houses and cities that slept in their darkness were now getting a full blast of the rays; the light beams that clawed their way across the land, now showing the early risers, getting their papers, warming up their cars, jogging to lose the holiday weight they resolved to rid themselves of.

A car alarm screamed its report as the suns fingers reached the eyes of RJ. Sleeping, wrapped up in blankets and his fiancée. The light combined with the sound of the car, whose owners had failed to acknowledge the burden imposed on those within earshot, ripped RJ from his dream world.

He gently pulled his arm out from under Laura, put on his robe, and headed to the front door. After making sure that his robe was properly tied, he went out the door, down the steps off of his front porch, and across the sidewalk to pick up an orange-bagged newspaper. Now with the paper tucked under his arm, he retraced his path back towards his door. As he approached the door, he stopped in his tracks, slowly turned around, so his back was facing the door, and looked directly at the large orange ball in the sky, the giant ball of flame that made life possible. His eyes started to water from the intensity of the brightness, his bottom lip began to quiver ever so slightly. Something didn’t feel right to him, something felt off. He was suddenly filled with an overwhelming sense of fear, the watery eyes now moist with tears. He could have sworn he saw something out of the corner of his eye, something that shouldn’t be there, something that he knew didn’t exist. He inhaled and smelled a warm breeze of sulfur, all he could see around him started to blur, getting fuzzier and fuzzier, he felt like he dropped a foot, felt like he was on a slant, then everything went black.

Laura awoke to see RJ walking out the bedroom door, going to his get morning paper to do the crossword as he drank his coffee before returning to work after the holiday break. Her hand dragged across the ground near the edge of the bed, looking for a shirt she could slip on. The only one she was able to find was an old, ratty band t-shirt, which she quickly adorned and made her way to the toilet. Sitting on the toilet, panties around her ankles, she drifted in and out of consciousness, wishing she wasn’t awake. Her eyes were closed when she heard the loud bang against the front door, followed by another abrasively loud thump. Still have groggy, she flushed the toilet, pulled her panties back up, and headed to see what the sounds had been.

Honey!, did you just hear those loud thumps? Honey?” she asked as she exited the hallway, to which no response was given. 

Labeled as: “Five Years (2).doc” -5/13/2009

Five years:

Six stories:

Year one: the notice

Year two: the acceptance

Year three: the coping

Year four: the reasoning

Year five: the death

Year Zero: the restructure

In a nutshell: everyone on earth is told they only have five years until they die. At the moment they are supposed to die, they don’t.

Hence book six.

Have different people share their experiences.

Have some of them meet up.

Not like “The Stand” though.

Mass suicides occur.

Some are religion based.

Some are done out of fear.

Some people kill themselves soon after first hearing the news.

Some wait.

Use the whole 2012 thing?

If so, story has to start in 2007?

Alternate timeline?


Is it plausible that a super giant meteor could endanger all life on earth?

Knocking something out of the way maybe?

Something that couldn’t be stopped.

Governments try and stop it though..

World leaders attempt to be shot into space.

Paying alms becomes demanded.

Armageddon is near.

Alms used to send Pope into space. (that sounds ridiculous)

In addition to stories about people, also use transcripts from press conferences, and televised news, and newspaper articles.

The end becomes known after a man who worked with the government calls a press conference.

Knew about it for a few years before coming out.

Remember when you wrote this? :

so i really shouldn’t be writing this.

but i’ve been drinking, and this issue has been in causing turmoil in my mind since i found out about it some 15 years ago.

let me explain who i am first, and why i can’t give an actual name in this circumstance.

I am a senior scientist with NASA, and for as long as i’ve had this job, it has been my duty to keep my eyes glued to the universe outside of our own planet, and for so long, i had never thought the two would ever truly interact.

that was all before i learned the deepest, darkest secret in the world. it all happened upon accident, truly. i don’t even remember what we were montioring when we discovered it, and to this day, no one will talk about it out loud. i’ve asked so many questions, so many useless statements to people who would pay no heed. i even tried getting media attention, but somehow, they always seem to be stopped before the news actually reaches the public.

what i’m talking about is the destruction of the world. the end of our earth. the end of any and all civilization found in the universe as far as we have grasped.

the big one is coming, and it’s not that far away.

we figure that it happened decades ago. a moon from a planet at the furthest end of our universe some how came dislodged from it’s orbit, either by a freak occurence in nature, or by something striking it hard enough to knock it off the gravitational pull of this planet.

this moon has been heading towards us for years.

somehow it’s mass so great, that it’s picking up things as it nears towards us. moons from other planets, remnants of space junk, meteors, comets, all of the space debris it passed on it’s path to us, it has managed to pick up and make part of itself.

when we and other country send shuttle and rockets into space, we leave fuel tanks and other debris in an orbit. pieces that we need to break away from our own gravitational pull and reach the heavens.

well all of these pieces are still there. pieces from ever single mission sent into space.

some of these are not empty. no, some are almost half full of liquid nitrogen, and other experimental fuels we’ve used. fuels with such an amazing combustion rate that we’ve had to keep them secret.

the path of this moon, it will absorb a great deal of this space liter, eventually turning this moon into a warhead like we’ve never seen. something a third of the mass of earth, moving at speeds unrecognizable by most scientific communities, heading right towards to earth.

right at impact, 45% of the worlds living creatures will be destroyed. the rest will not be far behind. this impact will push us out of our orbit with the sun, and one of two things will happen; 1.) we will be pushed upon a hurtling collision with the sun, in which case most of everything on the planet will turn into vapors long before we reach a fiery explosion with the sun; or 2.) we will pushed out passed the sun, in which case we will become a ball of lifeless ice, floating around the cosmos until another orbit catches us, but trust me, by then it will be eons too late to save any living beings.

this is all super classified information. if i attached my name to this, i would probably be found dead very soon.

that is how they deal with things; although i probably wouldn’t even be found. i would just end up missing.

Albeit that kinda sucked, but it’s a pretty good rough draft to go on for the press conference at the beginning.

I don’t think you should use dates, just time related to the moment of impact.

Counting down from 5 years.

Do I start with the press conference?

Need to re-read the book of revelation, for the religious leaders.

Don’t use the real names of any one that could be linked to public figures of today.

*Wormwood* ?

Use plaques as a sign for the religious leaders to quote as far as the apocalypse?

H1N1 = Swine Flu

H5N1 = Avian Bird Flu

Using too much religion would make it to much like “The Stand” or some of those religious-based-end-of-world novels.


Calvin and Hobbes

I grew up on &#8220;Calvin and Hobbes,&#8221; I will forever repost/post ones I like. #calvinandhobbes


Calvin and Hobbes

I grew up on “Calvin and Hobbes,” I will forever repost/post ones I like. #calvinandhobbes

Tonight, we’re holding down that red (or green or blue) button, we’re sliding that purple bar up…yes, we’re hitting that good ole’ reset button.

Things I’d like to do with this tumblr account…

A: keep on keeping on with the random internet fancies that catch my eye.
B: random reviews of albums (only stuff I own on vinyl,) video games, movies, books, etc.  New and old, sober and not.
C: place some of my “writings” old and new.
D: rants and raves, about everythings.
Ideally I’d like this to be my only “social network,” but tweaked up a bit.  I’m sure my 4 followers wouldn’t mind…